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Fire Fighting Equipment

Do you know, due to fire and fire related accidents, how many people die every year? More than 1,80,000, yes you read it right. It does not matter if you are a business owner, building or shopping complex owner or just buying a home for your family, you might have thought if getting Fire Fighting Equipment in your property. Finding and purchasing Fire Fighting Equipment in India is now easy than ever.

R2S International Training & Consultancy is dealing in one of the best Fire Fighting Equipment in India and you can get them sitting at your home. Fire Fighting Equipment does not only save human life, but it also saves your expensive properties such as heavy machineries, Computers, Important Documents, Expensive Show pieces etc.

Types of Fire Fighting Equipment

There are two types of availability of Fire Fighting Equipment in India.

Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

– These types of equipment are used to fight with small fire incidents which were detected at the same time when fire ignited. These are not fixed or glued with any immovable object such as walls or pipes. These are portable and due to this, you can use this equipment anywhere. Four major equipment falls into this category.

  • 1. Fire Blankets
  • 2. Fire Extinguisher
  • 3. Fire Bucket
  • 4. Flame Zorb

Fixed Fire Fighting Equipment

– As it is self explanatory with the name that this equipment is fixed or installed. These types of fire fighting equipment is installed at a place which is on high risk of fire and there will be much more damage in that particular area if fire takes place than any other place. Equipment of this category is.

  • 1. Fire Hydrants
  • 2. Automatic Sprinkles System
  • 3. Water Mist System
  • 4. Hose Reel System

All these system and equipment is available at R2S INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY.

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