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Technical Solution

Technical solution’s purpose is to do selection, designing and implementing the solution in any production or procedure. This type of solution encompasses to all the products, product components, product’s lifecycle and to see if the final outcome is working or not. The technical solution is applicable is applicable for every product or every level of product architecture or every product component.

Another example of technical solution is a common issue which every company face sometimes which is lack of maintenance and servicing. This is being generally addressed by a facility to make a list of all suppliers and inform them all at a time to get the supplies on time.

What is work of a technical solution engineer?

A technical solution engineer provides the solution to a customer who is facing issues with software or technological products. Such engineer takes training or seek education related to the technical components to understand the technology better. The engineer also helps company in their pre-sale process of a product by preparing the software and hardware demo. This profile is basically taking care of the company’s possible solution for glitches and all for the better experience of a user.

Here are the responsibilities of our technical solution expert:
1. Website Designing or arranging a website for company
2. Preparing the products for pre-sales
3. Handling customers over calls
4. Visiting to buyer for repairing/resolving hardware or software issue of a product
5. Giving suggestions or recommendations to company for improving the product quality
6. Upgrading software time to time
7. Resolving Bugs
8. Beta testing of a product
9. Competitor’s products research and analysis
10. Providing new ideas to company based on customer reviews

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