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R2S International Training and Consultant are ISO 9001 certified service provider is dealing in HSE Training, Inspections and.
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We have a wide range of accredited and non-accredited health and safety training which enable employees, employers to benefit.
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R2S International Training & Consultancy is about "ROAD TO SAFETY" for Health, Safety, and Environment in conjunction with Quality Management. R2SITC ensures safety in every industry in every occupation for creating the best health and environment in the future.

Our expert team with international & national qualifications in their respective area experienced professionals, and very well known in the respective field due to their unique skills & expertise. Our advisers, trainer, auditors & consultants have worked and completed many projects in UAE, UK, USA, INDIA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and recognized by respective clients & authorities.

We have expertise in almost every industry (e.g., Energy Sector, Oil & Gas, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Fertilizer, Cement, Paper, Telecom, General Industry, and more). We are offering forklift training in Punjab and the best fire and safety courses in Hoshiarpur.

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Forklift Training

A forklift is a powerful industrial equipment used for lifting and moving materials. Training is a must for the people operating forklifts as it is an arduous and risky affair. So, it is better to get acquainted with total know-how of this segment. The forklift training program Hoshiarpur is a comprehensive course providing complete education regarding operation and daily maintenance of the forklift machine. It includes both theoretical and practical aspects. There are different levels in the course – beginner, intermediate and advanced and can be chosen as per the requirements. The basic objective of this course is to ensure safe and sound forklift operations.
With forklift training in Punjab, the trainee will gain vast knowledge that will help in climbing the ladder of career at a faster pace, as the better you are, the higher you will reach and that too in short duration of time. And of course, there are other advantages too at the workplace of becoming a certified forklift operator Jalandhar. While working, the heavy machinery does not necessarily give alarms before turning into demons. And even if it gives, one must be brilliant enough to understand the signal.
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The training imparts necessary skills not only about pre-operation and operation stage but it also tells what should be done in an emergency and alarming situation.R2SITC, being a member of the National Safety Council of India, is an authorized institute for training and certification in forklift operations Nawanshahr. We, apart from informing specified standards, use real-life cases with a suitable solution for providing better training. All those who are into logistics or supply chain industry and are responsible for material handling and management can take this training, especially forklift driver Gurdaspur. It will help in better risk management, confidence building, reduction of inventory loss, smooth operation of forklift, increasing efficiency and reduce the error rate.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety training Hoshiarpur, the name itself is enough to explain the importance. The position demands not only knowledge but courage and stamina as well. Because knowledge can only tell what to do, but actually doing it requires a person to enter into the situation to evacuate living beings and important materials. The fire safety training course Punjab starts with theoretical aspects as what are the do’s & don’ts and immediate actions that officer must take in order to prevent a major loss. Then we conduct firefighting mock drills for the better understanding, post that the trainee works in a real-life scenario under experienced officer.
The fire safety training course makes the person ready for the job. The employer will not even have to think while hiring the certified person. Before training, we ensure that the person who wishes to pursue the course in fire safety Jalandhar has needed potential and energy level. The course structure is designed keeping in mind the varied needs. Fire can be caused due to both man-made and natural causes and safety measure might vary for these. Also, depending upon the place like office, industry, school, etc., the needed measures could vary too. The training program makes trainee versatile.
R2SITC, an ISO certified institute, offers various fire safety courses Nawanshahr. We train our candidates in a way that they can help in reducing the loss that fire could cause to the environment and health. We impart much-needed life skills instead of just teaching them safety standards and methodologies. Anyone who wishes to make a career as a fire safety officer Gurdaspur in any segment of the industry can join our course. The employers offer good pay for this position. However, a candidate’s motive should be to provide service in the best possible manner and not earning a huge sum of money.
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Industrial Training

The concept of industrial training is not new. However, it has been evolved with the passage of time. Earlier, industrial training used to get much emphasize with respect to new entrants. But with increasing competition and increasing pressure for perfection, the scenario is changing. Now, along with new entrants, the existing employees are also bound to take part in the industrial training that is being organized from time-to-time. Otherwise, their score and performance rating gets hampered. The aim is that all those who are part of the industry must be aware of the current working standards, as they get updated on a timely basis.

Industrial training has multidimensional benefits. For fresh graduates, it is an opportunity to get oriented to the industry atmosphere. With this, they can polish their technical and interpersonal skills by working with industry experts. They can prove to the employer that they can be the biggest asset for the organization in the coming times. In short, industrial training acts as a bridge between academic studies and real-life situations. And for existing employees, industrial training acts as an activity to stay with trends. Like for mobile, we receive regular updates which help in keeping it up-to-date.

Industrial Training First Aid Traing Punjab Hoshiarpur Jalandhar Nawanshahr Gurdaspur

R2SITC is a renowned training institute. At R2SITC, we have trainers who have already worked in the industry for more than 5-8 years and are wised up about every aspect of the industry. Whether a person is a fresher or an experienced employee, we have different training modules for everyone. Also, if you are an undergraduate student who wants to do something productive during a semester break, then come join our program. A person can choose from basic, intermediate and proficient level courses as per the suitability. And we provide support to our trainees even after the completion of the training.


IOSH is the name of an international organization. The expanded form of IOSH is the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is a non-profit organization based in the UK; the largest and only authorized institute of the world for imparting safety and health training. The IOSH safety training course in Punjab is an advanced and internationally accredited safety and health management course. The course can be taken by a person working at any position in any industry segment. The course is designed in a customized manner so as to fit the requirement of people looking after different roles across various industrial segments
Not all institutes providing safety training in India provides IOSH training Jalandhar. R2SITC is one among the few institutes that have a license to provide IOSH safety course certificate.
We have trainers possessing international level degrees and vast experience of working in the health and safety department of domestic and international companies. So, you can guess the level of IOSH training Nawanshahr one gets here! And we are open for all. Anyone across the country who dreams of a career in health & safety department or wants to have an understanding of the same can join us, subject to fulfilment of minimum qualification criteria. If you want to get IOSH training in Gurdaspur then get in touch with us.
R2SITC, an ISO certified institute, offers various fire safety courses Nawanshahr. We train our candidates in a way that they can help in reducing the loss that fire could cause to the environment and health. We impart much-needed life skills instead of just teaching them safety standards and methodologies. Anyone who wishes to make a career as a fire safety officer Gurdaspur in any segment of the industry can join our course. The employers offer good pay for this position. However, a candidate’s motive should be to provide service in the best possible manner and not earning a huge sum of money.
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Extremely good and co-operative trainers
Akash Deep
Akash Deep
05:51 09 Sep 23
Thank you team R2SITC hoshiarpur Punjab . I came from Himachal Pradesh to get this training they are good people the trainers are well qualified and experienced thank you very much
Ankit Choudhary
Ankit Choudhary
05:47 09 Sep 23
Hello I am prince from Haryana State. I came to learn here a forklift machine and must say R2SITC training company is the best company for forklift training. Experienced staff, qualified faculty. Thank you team R2SITC Hoshiarpur (PB).
Priyanshu Rana
Priyanshu Rana
07:09 28 Aug 23
According to my experience, the tutors of institution are very good and knowledgeable. And Also they have alot of experience in this field.thank you r2s traning
Nikesh Kumar
Nikesh Kumar
05:09 26 Aug 23
My time spent at The Training Center was an overall good experience. The staff was very helpful and patient. If I had to take the class again I would 100 % go back to The Training Center Thankyou team R2SITC, Hoshiarpur (PB)
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar
05:08 26 Aug 23
From ropar, remarkable forklift training training session, Thankyou team R2SITC, Hoshiarpur. Skilled trainers, highly qualified staff
Talwinder Singh
Talwinder Singh
09:10 22 Aug 23
thank you team R2SITC Hoshiarpur. best forklift training company in punjab
04:43 21 Aug 23
According to my experience, the tutors of institution are very good and knowledgeable. And Also they have alot of experience in this field . I am fully satisfied with their services and responsibilities.Also I am recommended all the students for join this institute for your better future .
Harinder Singh
Harinder Singh
03:41 17 Aug 23
Thank you very much for a great training session. The program was enjoyable, and I learned a lot from it. You're the best trainer Pavneet sir and Chetan sir 🤗 that I've ever worked with. Thanks for being patient, encouraging and inspiring .They also provide certificate is last day of your course . The best is partthey provide fresh meal and Accommodation. All staff is very nice.Thank you 🙏❤️
Maninder Singh
Maninder Singh
08:45 27 Jul 23
Thank you team R2S ITC hoshiarpur Punjab
Harneet Singh
Harneet Singh
06:38 15 Jul 23
Experience while training is very good
Jaspreet Bedi
Jaspreet Bedi
06:33 15 Jul 23
I have awesome experience at this forklift training centre because trainner and staff are very helpfull. Moreover, accomodation is also good.
Guru Self 20Y
Guru Self 20Y
06:54 06 Jun 23
For both of you we spend such a memorable days with you sir your the best teacher and good person I've ever seen. Wish you all the very best with your upcoming trainee i know you treat them as like as you treat us. For those who really want to learn forklifts i recommend R2S International training and consultancy in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.Thankyou sir from my heart ❤️May God bless you sir.. 😊
16:07 25 May 23
Excellent training thank you for your cooperation and such a memorable moment with you sir.thank you once again.
tashi tamang
tashi tamang
15:52 25 May 23
Overall service here was fantastic,its worth it to learn forklift and other services from R2SITC.Thank you team R2SITC, Hoshiarpur
Kartik Vohra
Kartik Vohra
04:12 28 Apr 23
Very good experience. Trainers are so coperative. Thank you team R2SITC, Hoshiarpur
Sukhjinder Singh
Sukhjinder Singh
09:17 26 Apr 23
Great trainer and good environment . Thank-you tea. R2SITC, Hoshiarpur
vishu kaler
vishu kaler
05:51 21 Apr 23
R2SITC Hoshiarpur Forklift trainig facility is very good and staff is polite behaviour and food faciltity is very good and hostel facility is also good thank you team R2SITC
Rahul Saini
Rahul Saini
10:30 20 Apr 23
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