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Third Party Lifting Machines or you can just call them lifting machines are the equipment at any work for lifting or lowering the heavy loads, which a human cannot bear. With all the technologies and innovations, there are different types of lifting machines which effectively popularized in market. All the heavy-duty machines come under the category of lifting machines such as Forklifts, Elevators, Winches, Crane and Hoists.

What do you understand by the Third Party Lifting Machines? Those machines which are used to lift the heavy load or the force or effort applied at any point of the equipment and the weight is lifter from the other point. And by third party, it simply means that the machine is sold, or offered by any third-party dealer.

Third party lift Inspection in India

Third party inspection or machines inspection, is also known as T.P.I. Machines inspection is the practice used for inspecting, testing and approving a machine based on its functionality, USP and safety measures. R2S INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY is providing the trusted and reliable Third party lift Inspection in India. There are multiple types of lifting machines available in India and owners and purchasing parties of these heavy-duty machines are not always equipped with the knowledge to test and inspect them.

By the term third party, it means that the machines are inspected by any independent agency or person who are not related with the machine’s manufacturers in any manner. R2S INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY is capable enough to conduct a Third party lift Inspection in India for you.

We are government authorised and are equipped with the tools to inspect your machines properly. Our technicians are highly experienced with the lifting machines with correct knowledge of loose ends, so, if you want any Third party lift Inspection in India, connect with R2S INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY .

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