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Plant Equipment is the machinery used on manufacturing plant. These heavy machineries are the instrument to complete the production on time with less human efforts. In Plant Equipment, many machines fall such as which helps human to complete their task such as food items and buildings. Below is the list of few Plant Equipment: –

• Dairy processing plant machinery
• Automatic Drill Machine
• Auto Feed Drill Machine
• Automatic Bench/Pillar type Drill Machine
• Pneumatic Drill Machine
• Hydraulic Drill Machine
• CNC Drill Machine

Plant Equipment inspection in India

In India, there plant or factory owners purchase or sometimes take the Plant Equipment on rent from a machinery firm, agency or from the manufacturers. In both the cases, either in purchasing or renting, all the technical manual, drawings, handling videos and equipment’s manufacturing details shall be passed by the contractor to the employer or company so that they can use it easily. But in some cases, the contractor does not reveal every suspect and in that case, Plant Equipment inspection in India is needed. Plant Equipment inspection in India is a service where company or employer hire a third party inspection team who perform the inspection over the machines and equipment depending on their type, age and functions.

R2S INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY is providing the best third party Plant Equipment inspection in India. When it comes to inspection, we take it really seriously because incomplete knowledge of the machinery can be serious and sometimes fatal for the workers and sometimes, instead of getting benefits of these equipment, people get adverse effects because they didn’t inspect machines before using it.

If you are getting some old or new machines for your plant in India, here are few tips for you for Plant Equipment inspection in India:

1. Are emergency stop buttons clearly marked, operational and accessible? Are machine guards in place on all operating plant and machinery (according to manufacturer’s
2. specifications)
3. Is your staff trained properly to operate these machines?

These are just few tips and if you want Plant Equipment inspection in India, contact us today.

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