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There’s been so many accidents related to crane which ends up with property damages and sometimes, unfortunate end of lives. When such accidents take places, it does not give the time to the person to conclude what gone wrong. Lifting plan is a team work, it includes the site manager, lifting worker/helper and lifting engineer, it takes them all as a responsible part. One cannot leave everything on the shoulders on operator, supervision is very important in such risky and dangerous jobs and thus, moving according to the lifting plan is very important.

Every crane, lift or heavy loading machines is different from another. The lifting plan, the method, which worked earlier, may not work next time with new or different machine. Plus, there are other things as well to consider at the time of making a Lifting Plan in India or anywhere else:

1. Suspended Loads
2. Site Location
3. Water Power Line
4. Environmental situation
5. Headroom and Obstruction
6. Proximity hazard
7. Ground Condition

If you are living in India, it’s not possible every time that an owner of construction building or site manager has their own engineer and team to make Lifting Plan in India, so they hire a third-party person to do the job, and that’s where R2S International Training and Consultancy makes their entry in your contact list. We have one of the best technicians and experts of Lifting Plan in India you can look for.

We think that the risk management is the vital part of this kind of planning process. Once you will hire us, our prime focus will be safety of your property and people apart from your work. We focus on everything from your work to additional hazards and risk that can arise and can cause a consequence for you. We know that very well that making a lifting plan is not just a paper work, but it is more than that.

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