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Just like the elevators, escalators are an indispensable part of metro society. Escalators keep people moving from one place to another in a mobile building without making extra efforts. You can call an escalator a transporting device installed in building which is virtually giving people a tour inside of a building. Like any other machines, escalators also need servicing time to time and then people look for Escalator service in India.
If you are an owner of shopping mall or IT complex in India, you must be getting your Escalator service in India time to time, right? If not, then you should. Escalators are something which will stop functioning properly even if you miss one schedule of maintenance. Yes, you heard it right, in our experience, we have seen many cases where the escalator stopped working completely because the owner missed one maintenance. There are surely multiple benefits of an escalator and it also adds to the beauty of your building but it is also an expensive item to maintain, so if you have missed even a single time maintenance schedule of your escalator and still working, you should get that Escalator service in India before it stops working.

When should you get your Escalator service in India?

  • If it is not moving properly or making multiple stops in between
  • If the sensors are not working properly and it takes 2-3 seconds to start after stepping on it
  • If the vibration is too much
  • If it is making any noise

These are the signs that your escalator is now looking for maintenance and you should get call R2S International Training & Consultancy for the best Escalator service in India.

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