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Site Inspection and Auditing Services

R2S International Training and Consultancy is providing one of the best Site Inspection and Auditing Services for industrial purpose. Our facilities of assessment, process and systems helps you the manager the sustainability. We work for pinpointing the inconsistencies, risks and weakness and identify the new opportunities and weaknesses of your organization in our Site Inspection and Auditing Services.

What is Site Inspection and Auditing Services?

In organisation and Industry, Site Inspection and Auditing is very important. An audit is the process of checking the compliance obligations are meeting or not and that include the required inspection as well. Whereas, an inspection is a process that includes checking the place, equipment, technology and other technical and environmental aspects are according to the need of the work or not. If all these things are a check according to that company you are getting Site Inspection and Auditing Services, then the site is good to go.

Our Site Inspection and Auditing Services includes:

1. Social Audit Program with UL Solutions
2. ANSI and EASA AR100 Auditing
3. Authorized Label Supplier Program for Certification Mark
4. Building Inspection Services
5. Cables and Accessories Inspection
6. CARB ATCM and EPA TCSA Formaldehyde Compliance Solution
7. Children’s Apparel and Footwear Solution
8. Current Good Manufacturing Practices Auditing and Certification
9. Early Streamer Emissions (ESE) Evaluations
10. Emergency Response Assessment™ for Food Safety and Sanitation
11. Everclean Food Safety and Hygiene Solutions
12. Factory Relocation Services
13. Field Evaluations
14. Field Inspection Service for Installed Equipment and Products
15. Fire Door Inspection Service
16. Firestop Special Inspection
17. Food Safety Auditing, Testing and Inspection Services
18. GMP/GPP Audits for Facilities Producing Products Containing Cannabis
19. Hazardous Location Lighting
20. Hazardous Locations Equipment Testing

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