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Lifting Accessories

Moving and lifting heavy load from one to another, is required special machinery in manufacturing plant. Parts and equipment used in this heave machinery are called Lifting Accessories. Heavy material lifting machines makes load handling easy for people working there.

For Example. Crane is a machine for lifting heavy material and moving the heavy objects horizontally and vertically at a workplace such as construction site. In crane, mechanism for lifting the heavy object is called hoisting and hoist is one of the Lifting Accessories of a crane. Hoist is the prime load lifting equipment of the crane and is used to the task of lifting material for both the purpose, production as well as maintenance.

Just like the joist, there is many Lifting Accessories available in a crane which are crucial for a crane to work properly and lift heavy weight for you.

Lift accessories in India

R2S INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY is one of the reputed providers of elevators and Lift accessories in India. We are not only providers of these, but we are expert in inspection too, so all the accessories and parts delivered by us, is well checked and tested according to the with highly qualifies safety management officers in India.

Our accessories are manufactured by finest quality raw material and with one of the most experienced hands you will find in India and that’s why, we deliver finest quality of Lift accessories in India. We are known by the hight tensile strength, corrosion resistance, durability and précised dimension like qualities of our spare parts.

We are dealing in high quality spare parts of the list such as doors, cabin, false ceiling, LOPs, COPs, voice annunciators, elevator controller, safety kit and all types of Lift accessories in India. For any assistance of lifting accessories, kindly contact R2S INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY and get your queries answered today.

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