Fire and Safety Diploma Nawanshahr

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Fire and Safety Diploma Nawanshahr

R2S International Training and Consultancy is the government approved training consultancy which is providing Fire and Safety Diploma Nawanshahr. Our diploma course provides the students different types of skill set and knowledge about the criticality of fire related accidents.

If you want to go into fire department to make your career and enthusiast about people’s safety, R2S International Training and Consultancy’s Fire and Safety Diploma Nawanshahr will provide you the chance to join the fire fighters. Because fire fighters need to access the complete parameter of the particular building which is hit by fire, our course will focus on our students understating of engineering in safety and science. Below are few of the positions that you can apply for after getting the Fire and Safety Diploma Nawanshahr program.

1. Fire Safety Specialist
2. Fire Safety Manager
3. Fire Investigation Officer
4. Fire and Rescue department

We have different courses depending on the days of training and charges, students are free to choose any course as per their convenience. If a student needs any assistance, we can also suggest different courses of Fire and Safety Diploma Nawanshahr depending on the knowledge and experience of student. Along with the certification, we also suggest the best companies and department to students so that they do not have to float around company to company for job. So, join us today and get your Fire and Safety Diploma Nawanshahr and start your career as a fire fighter and become a Fire Safety Specialist, Fire Safety Manager, Fire Investigation Officer, Fire and Rescue department.

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